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They are once again demanding a MD prescribe Ivermectin based on minimal evidence for its efficacy in COVID. This time its inhaled budesonide vs. the more effective system steroids. Demonstrating the anti-vaxxers have no idea about pharmacology and pharmacodynamics.

The hospitals in my area all have beefy private security guards checking every person who walks in and out. No bag goes in without getting opened and checked. For every visitor a call is made to the unit of the person they're visiting to see if the staff are okay with them coming in. At least one takes a picture of every person's id before letting them in. It's sad but entirely necessary.

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This isn't the first time this has happened unfortunately. Other prominent examples I can think of are Springfield Missouri last Spring and also in Chicago. I'm sure there's more at this point. Earlier in the pandemic in Canada they had an issue with protesters blocking access to hospitals

Watch them show up to zoning board meetings for renewals, licensing board hearings, filing complaints, passing city/town/county ordinances regulating the practice of Medicine, you name it. They will primary any Judge that does not grant these orders, have local Law Enforcement get involved, call Social Services, and just flood the entire system with anger and rage.